Why Pay the Cost for a Copper Roof?

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Affordable Roofing Repair Service for Your Budget

Copper roofs have been around for decades now and come with endless benefits, not only are they extremely durable, but they are very light also. And some homeowners like the striking green color which sets in after a few years have passed. These roofs are able to withstand severe gales and are even resistant to fire. In addition, they can be measured to fit over any roof, thereby eliminating al the time consuming and wasteful cutting and trimming performed on the job.

There is, though, one big downside to this type of roofing, and that would be the cost. The price of copper has stayed high because it’s generally hard to get hold of, this means a copper roof will cost approximately 15 dollars a square foot. When comparing this to the 1 USD dollar per square foot for basic asphalt shingles, that striking green sheen starts to loose its sparkle. Copper shingles can be a secondary choice, however, even these cost 4 times more than asphalt.

To counteract this, manufacturers and installers of these roofs usually refer to their products as the cheapest roofing choice over time. In layman’s terms, they are saying, the initial payout will be softened by the fact that the roof does not need a roofing repair service any time soon and can last up to 120 years. Plus, the recycling of copper is a compelling green argument to use on roofs.

Because of this, the copper roof trade has become more popular in Poway, CA. Sometimes, a copper roof will outlive a building itself, at which time, a salvage company will buy it and subsequently re-sell it to builders or homeowners. As with any roofing material, the installation does need a certain amount of skills and experience. Roofing installers prefer copper due to the fact that it weighs less than asphalt shingles.

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